A creation with Passion and Sincerity.

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Picassiette is a French term meaning ”stolen from plate”, Pieces of broken glass, china plates, buttons, are cemented onto a base ( plywood, mirror or glass) to create an interesting design. All you need is to stretch your imagination. 

My journey in Picassiette started while I was visiting my family in New York. I Fascinated by the world of Mosaics, i started looking for the best who would teach me everything within a month. As luck would have it, the universe conspired in my favour and I met  Valerie Carmet who is filled with a true passion for the art. She lived 4 blocks away and i did not leave her sight till she taught me everything. She is responsible for lighting that flame in me.

In our studio, we use lots of broken china and porcelain crockery, glass tiles, and ceramic embellishments to create beautiful mirror frames, decorative furniture, wall murals, tabletops, salvers, stool tops, etc. My friends also contribute by collecting all their broken china and tiles for my projects.